Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok

How we do it

Adline Ltd. is full Social Media Marketing Company. We offer:

- Social Media Marketing Audit
- Social Media Marketing Strategy
- Communication Strategy 
- Brand Positioning on Social Media
- Integrated Marketing Plan Development 
- Measuring Results and Optimizing Performance 
- Social Media Marketing Consulting

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok

Marketing Approaches

Developing Effective Communication on Social Media  


Marketing Audit

Situational Analysis



Social Media Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 


Integrated Plan

Integrated Marketing Plan Development 



Measuring Results and Optimizing Performance 

Our Services

Marketing Audit

Research, analysis, planning and strategy for developing successful marketing on social media.

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  • For new small business, organizations and projects.
  • For optimizing current businesses, organizations and projects; 

Social Media Communication Strategy

Defining communication goals, selecting relevant communication channels, creating messages for the target audience.

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Measuring Results and Optimizing Performance

Internal and external actions aimed at the way the marketing strategy and plan are implemented.

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Social Media Marketing Consulting

Professional assistance in cases related to segmentation, positioning, strategy, planning and communication in social networks.

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Our Clients expresses its gratitude to the team of Adline Ltd. for the professionalism and skills for their work with specific Facebook requirements and problems, such as ours.

Ivan Hambardzhiiski, Owner of Pirinsko.Bg Ltd.

I share my satisfaction and high appreciation for the work and professionalism of Adline Ltd. during our period of working together.

Anton Zapryanov, Owner of Izi Fashion Ltd.

The approaches used by Adline Ltd. helped our company to get better position and reach and engaged more clients.

Emiliya Begunova, Owner of AdventureNet Ltd.